"Compose is the best way to create a new image from parts of other images and graphics."

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Karate Student, A Compose Example

Karate Student Original Image

This digital image of a karate student will be used to create a banner and a poster. Scroll down to see the results and how fast and easy it is to do in Compose.

The following banner was created in seconds by rearranging parts of the original image. The armoire panels were rotated and used to fill the banner sides and the 4G Color Graphic was floated in front of the student.

Karate Student Banner 

Karate Student Poster

Next, we download a graphic from the web and drop it onto one of the Compose inputs.

Then, a few more clicks and the banner is converted to a poster.

The following screenshots show Compose creating the banner and poster.  You may click on the screenshots to enlarge them.

  Karate Student Banner Screenshot Karate Student Poster Screenshot

Now watch both the banner and poster being created from start to finish in this two minute YouTube video. This is the best way to see how Compose works and how easy and fast it is to use.


Karate Student Meditating

Karate Student Portrait

The digital image below shows the karate student meditating in the shadows.

Karate Student Original

For the new composition on the right, we floated a butterfly graphic in front of the student. Then we copied the light from the floor of the original image to the background of the new image so the student now appears to be in the light. The student was also lightened and sharpened.

The following screenshot shows Compose creating this new composition. The 2 minute YouTube video shows the editing from start to finish. Click on the screenshot image to enlarge it and click on the YouTube size icon to enlarge it.

  Karate Student Screenshot  

Ballet Student

Ballet Student Banner

Using Compose, this banner was created in seconds from the first of the two images below. The background is the dancer's skirt. Then, the 4G Color Logo Graphic was floated in the upper right corner.

Ballet Student Original      Ballet Student Original 2

Then, with a few more clicks, the second image was used for a different background, shown in the banner below.

Ballet Student Banner 2

The following screenshot shows Compose creating the banner.  Click on the screenshot image to enlarge it.

Ballet Student Screenshot  

And, with a few more clicks, output a portrait.

Ballet Student Portrait

A Karate Student and a Butterfly


These brief YouTube videos show some of the Compose editing techniques. Click on the YouTube size icon to enlarge.


       Fix Red Eye and Blotchy Skin                                             Fix Yellow Grass                               Create a Background Color Gradient


          Blending and Fading                                                A Girl and Her Hat                                              Surfing the Sky

What is Compose?   

Compose is a Digital Multiple Exposure Photography Application. You start with one or more digital images, select regions of interest and combine them to create a new image.

Compose includes a full-featured, high quality digital image editor that can adjust the individual image components or can adjust the entire composition.

Each of the image components can be interactively positioned, sized, rotated, edited, blended and faded until the best composition is achieved.

Save the results in any of numerous standard image sizes, resolutions and formats, or easily enter custom values.

What Compose isn't!

Compose isn't a layer model with frustrating cutout tools and hard edge masks. 

Compose isn't a sequence of pixel operations that erodes the image quality and has strange, hard-to-learn order dependencies.

Where can you get Compose?

Download Compose on the Mac App Store. Compose is Gate Keeper and Mavericks Compliant.

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